Whatever it is, it is working

Today I met with my neurologist to go over my MRI results from a couple of weeks ago. The exam was brief, he poked me in the face with a broken tongue depressor like he normally does, yep still numb, he took some vitals and then we reviewed my scans, which I requested a copy of and I am excited for them to come in.

I truly think the human body and health technology is fascinating. I think about how someone could have discovered the use of a magnet to look at the insides of things and what they were doing when they discovered it, was it by accident, were they trying to do something else, like so many interventions and medicines that have been developed. I’ll have to look it up to satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

The absolutely wonderful news is that my MS has not progressed. The MRI of my brain revealed that there are no new lesions and no worsening lesions. The MRI of my cervical and thoracic spine indicated no lesions still. Part of the report reads that the small subtle lesion seen in the right cerebellar hemisphere is seen, but does seem to be less conspicuous. What does that mean, does it mean that it is healing? Well, maybe or maybe not. It is possible that the lesion was active during my last MRI and is now calm.

Either way, I am happy. I believe that the combination of my healthy eating, exercise and my disease modifying drug, Copaxone is working for me. I am one of the few women who did not have a post-natal flare and I do not need to see my neurologist for another year, unless something changes.

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