MS & MRI’s

Today I had my “annual” MRI to check on the status of my Multiple Sclerosis. I put annual in parentheses because  this is actually my first MRI since my initial diagnosis two years ago. I carried a baby as a surrogate for some lovely friends of mine and during that time I was not taking my Copaxone and I didn’t have any relapses during my pregnancy so my neurologist felt no real need to do one.

It has been almost a year since the pregnancy and still no relapse.  I’ve been back on Copaxone since then and I am still feeling stable. I scheduled the MRI because I do want to check to see where things are. Sometimes in a fantasy world I imagine my doctor telling me it was a mistake and I never had MS to begin with and I don’t have MS now, but considering I’ve had a second opinion and all I am pretty sure that wont happen, then I’d have to explain all the weird things that happen in my body.

Now I wait until I have my appointment with my neurologist. I am excited and looking forward to it. I’m hoping for good news, no new lesions, even better news, healed lesions.


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