Knowledge is power

Last evening I attended my first educational MS event. I keep getting notices from the company that makes the drug that I am on and I’ve always overlooked them, for several reasons.

I wasn’t really interested in learning about the drug that I am already on, I didn’t want to hear the sales pitch. Also I often feel like I don’t fit in with other MSers that I have met. Many of them are older and their disease is more advanced and defined than mine. That leads me to many emotions. I feel guilty because I do not have mobility issues. I wonder if they will take me seriously and I also wonder if that will be me in the future. I know, only time will tell and I am going to continue to do everything in my power to avoid getting to that point. I consider myself lucky that there are many treatment options available to me; whereas, only twenty years ago there were none.

The event itself was good. The Neurologist presented facts about MRI, how it works, why it’s done and what exactly they are looking for. He was able to help me understand the difference between a pseudoexacerbation and a true relapse, which I never fully grasped before. A pseudoexacerbation is when you experience a flare up of symptoms that you’ve had before, often brought on by stress, extreme temperatures or a fever. This type of exacerbation usually resolves after rest or a few hours. A relapse on the other hand is new or worsening symptoms lasting longer than 24 hours. I really do not think that I have had a relapse since my diagnosis two years ago, but plenty of pseudoexacerbations. This makes  me think my medication must be working.

I was able to connect with a few people last night in my local community, which is important to me. I plan to attend more of these functions, meet more people and hopefully recruit people for my functional exercise program that I hope to implement in the near future.

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