Mix it up

I am a huge fan of variety – usually, I say usually because sometimes I will find something that I like and stick to it for fear of not liking whatever the new items is, or the new item not working as well. Toothpaste; for example, I have been using the same toothpaste forever. It works well and tastes good, why risk changing to something that might taste gross or be too foamy and gritty, I hate gritty toothpaste.

Where am I going with this? It is time to change up my training (and diet) routine. I’m reluctant because I love my routine and it has been working for the goals that I had set for myself, build muscle.

Some people change up their routines to avoid boredom, however, it is necessary to challenge your body. When you do one routine for too long of a period your body adapts to that cycle and no longer needs to work to get better. If you change up your routine every few weeks you are signaling your body that it is time to work again and re-adapt to the new situation.

There are various ways to change up your routine. If you are doing cardio on a stationary bike for 30 minutes you could try increasing the intensity (tension) or increase the amount of time you are doing the exercise.

In weight training you can increase the number of sets (the number of times you perform the exercise) you do and decrease your rest time in between sets. You can increase the number of repetitions you, or you can go heavier on the amount of weight you are lifting. So while I do like routine, what I love about weight training is the variety of different types of exercises you can do and how you can do them.

I’m beginning to work on my summer slim down, which means goodbye to beer and junky foods and increasing the intensity of my work outs. I do this by increasing sets, reps and reducing the amount of rest time in between sets to keep my heart rate pumping. Another thing I’ve begun doing is taking a lap around the track at the gym in between my sets, it keeps my heart rate elevated, in turn keeping me in that fat burning zone.

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