Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle

The weather in Maine is starting to improve, with temperatures reaching the 60’s briefly this week. I cannot wait to get outside and get active again. The winter and the darkness is really hard on me and I am aching for some sunshine.

I have to add in some more cardiovascular exercise to my training, reluctantly, I might add. For the most part I find it boring and I’d rather stick to weight training. Unless you are doing a circuit routine, weight training is anaerobic, meaning it uses a different energy system and does not work to improve the body’s cardiovascular health.

Cardio is necessary and has many benefits. Your heart is a muscle and needs to be worked just like the rest of your muscles in order to improve and maintain it’s capabilities. Getting your heart pumping with cardiovascular exercise also helps increase your lung capacity. Oxygen is the ingredient muscles use to convert carbohydrates and fat into energy, thus burning calories. 

The key is finding an activity that will get your heart pumping that you will actually enjoy. Last year I took up tennis for the first time (I’m terrible at it but it get’s my heart going). This year I am going to start biking a couple of days a week. Who know’s maybe I’ll enjoy it so much I’ll participate in Bike MS this year!


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