It’s not all about the bass

While building a strong core and base are important, contrary to Meghan Trainor, it’s not really all about that. I will admit, for a while that was my main focus. I wanted strong legs and shapely glutes and I didn’t put a lot of emphasis on my upper body strength.

I’ve learned that in order to avoid injury, maintain mobility, flexibility, range of motion and strength, you need to put effort into building upper body strength as well as lower body.

I’ve begun including some upper body exercises into all of my training, while specifically focusing on upper body twice a week. Since I have done this I have noticed an improvement in my posture and overall strength.

A typical upper body day for me would normally include back, chest and either biceps and triceps or shoulders. I’ve been working hard on my back and shoulders mostly for aesthetic reasons, I am chasing a v-taper and nice round shoulders for the summer!

My favorite back exercises are the wide grip lat pull down and the t-bar row. For shoulders I really like doing drop sets to fire up and burn out the muscle. Drops sets are a technique where you perform the exercise to failure (when you can no longer perform the exercise with proper form) and then reduce the amount of weight and perform to failure once more. I like shoulder exercises that really get my heart pumping as well such as the standing military press and the upright barbell row.

Today is a rest day for me but I’ll be back at it tomorrow with legs, glutes and shoulders.



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