The impact of Sleep

A while ago I jumped on the wearable activity tracker bandwagon, which I was trying fiercely to avoid, as I tend to try to avoid anything that seems like a trend. I have to say that I am enjoying it, knowledge is power right?

Do I really care how many steps in a day I take, or how many floors I’ve climbed?

What I like about my activity tracker is it tracks my heart rate. After I finish with my workout for the day I sync my activity tracker and check out what my heart rate zone was in during the routine. It estimates, based on my normal resting heart rate, when I am in the cardio zone and in the fat burning zone. Reviewing this data after helps me plan for next time, maybe I want to increase my intensity a little bit and see how much further I can push myself.

I also find my sleep data to be pretty useful. I am the queen of sleep, OK I’d like to be queen of sleep, I don’t always get as much sleep as I know I should, or that I would like to have, but it is a huge priority of mine.

Sleep, or lack of, effects our entire bodies, from an increase in inflammation, reduced immunity, depression, weight gain, raised cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and muscle break-down.

When you are asleep your body is in healing and recovery mode. In the deepest levels of sleep (stage 4) your body replenishes critical neurotransmitters needed by your body to repair and rebuild the muscle that you have broken down with you training during the day.  Sleep deprivation magnifies the stressful impact of exercise on your body and puts you at risk for injury.

So, there is your excuse to sleep in, your body will thank you!

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