Lifting for Health & Aesthetics

When I started strength training, it was for health reasons mostly. I started training during my third pregnancy, in the dead of winter (in the freezing snowy climate of Maine) out of boredom. It quickly became a fun hobby for me, especially when I started seeing results and feeling great.

Fast forward to my MS diagnosis and I realized that I needed to step up my game so that I could remain as mobile as possible. After the initial anger that “this is happening to me” I decided to throw out that attitude and just hit it with all I’ve got. Now lifting has become my passion.

I have to admit that I don’t just lift for health reasons anymore… yes I lift for aesthetic reasons too. In addition to my new found strength, I realized that my body was beginning to take on a new shape; fit, muscular! So maybe, that has fueled my passion, just a bit.

I’ve always been “skinny” (I hate that word!) and never really had much of a uh, well an ass….until I started lifting. Here is my favorite lift for tightening those glutes and also the hamstrings, today I finally hit a new personal best at 100 pounds.


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