My name is Julie Labbe and I am a professional and creative freelancer.

My experience includes WordPress web design utilizing SEO practices, Google Business listings, Social Media Management, content writing for blogs, research articles, and academic papers. From serious to witty I can do it all. Short stories, technical papers, instruction manuals, to name a few!

I have a very strong research and analytical background making my work thorough and detailed. My academic papers are written in HARVARD, APA or MLA styles. English is my first and only language and I have strong grammar skills.

I have always enjoyed working in the Healthcare field. I have had an administrative role for the past ten years, mostly in long-term care. I earned my BS in Health Sciences in 2016, during that time (as you can see from my older posts I began focusing on wellness)

I have a strong thirst for knowledge and actually enjoy immersing myself in a subject or subjects and learning as much as I can about that. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on April 1st 2014, which unfortunately wasn’t a joke. Since my diagnosis I have gone through multiple phases in my life from, doing everything I can to try to figure out what caused my MS, the best way to treating (I went through the Wahls Protocol and Paleo phase) to denying I have it completely and ignoring it for a few years, to accepting that it is what it is.

I like to write, I have opinions that I want to share, I don’t just state something is a fact without checking it out first. I like researching information and information sharing for our overall health and wellness too.

Thanks for reading!